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Applied Primate Engineering

AppliedPrimate is a web3 storytelling community co-developing lore, content and interactive experiences around the MAYC Mega Radioactive, Mega Serum and other Mega Mutants. We tell stories through puzzles and interactive quests.

A.P.E. Experience

Prologue: Avila’s Betrayal (May & June 2022)

The first A.P.E. experience was an online four-week Alternate Reality Game in May 2022 that led players through a series of puzzles to follow Doc Gibbons, the founder of A.P.E., as he discovered a nefarious conspiracy within his lab and experienced a transformation of his own.

By playing this game and solving the puzzles within, participants not only competed for prizes, but also helped craft the story of Doc and the Serum he created.

Following the conclusion of the online ARG, players followed Doc to NYC where they participated in an IRL scavenger hunt throughout the city during Apefest ‘22. This one-day event saw players decipher clues that were “hidden in plain sight” with prompts and puzzles being distributed at a Chocolatier, in the middle of Central Park, at unassuming storefronts, with street performers, from an ice cream truck, and more. As before, not only were players competing to win a series of prizes, they were co-creating the evolving narrative with every puzzle they solved.

The final stop in the scavenger hunt was Apefest, where the crowd got to witness a Mega reveal live on stage. A.P.E. collaborated with Yuga Labs to give winners access to Apefest and create a custom video depicting the conclusion of the first chapter in our story: the birth of Mega Gold, the penultimate Mega Mutant.

But Applied Primate is only getting started! The team behind A.P.E. is hard at work building more puzzles and more content to keep creating the story behind the Radioactive Mega together.

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Community Recaps

September ’22 Lab Coat Hunt

This Medium post (also by @MrShibolet) summarizes September's hunt for Avila's lab coat. Read about it on Medium.


May ’22 ARG Video Walkthrough

One of the best NFT related ARGs right now! and it's BAYC. We tried finding an ape names abbot gibbons that went missing.

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June ’22 Apefest Scavenger Hunt

If you went to Apefest the first night or saw the video for the gold mega reveal, you know that we failed, thread below to see our path.